Product Care:

Furniture care is very important to its appearance and longevity.  Since most of our furniture is made from new and/or old woods, it is important to be mindful of furniture placement in any room with temperature fluctuations.

Dryness and heat can cause warping and splitting of natural woods.  Please avoid exposure to heat and direct sunlight for extended periods. Sunlight can also fade or bleach the color of furniture overtime.  Please consider this when placing furniture in rooms with moderate to heavy sunlight exposure.

At the floor, please be cautious of heater vents that may force hot-dry air directly underneath or against furniture.

To keep your furniture safe from scratches, we recommend using small felt pads between the surface of your furniture and with any other item(s) that may come into contact.

To keep your furniture clean, a damp cloth will help remove dust and surface dirt with little effort.  In some cases, a light application of furniture wax may help preserve the original finish and protect it from everyday elements that could cause harm.

You are always welcome to contact us with any concerns or suggestions you may have.


Mariner Trading Company, Inc.